InstaPro APK Download Latest Version 2024

InstaPro APK is 100% SAFE, with its security verified by multiple virus & malware detection engines. You can also scan every update through these platforms, and enjoy Instagram PRO with no worry!

App NameInstaPro APK
VersionLatest Version
File Size72 MB
Android Required4.4 and up
Total Downloads100,00,0000
Last Update2 Days Ago

About InstaPro APK

On the Internet, there are a vast variety of social media applications available but Instagram is the most popular and most used social media application for sharing images and videos and staying connected with friends. On the internet, there are various mods of Instagram available but InstaPro APK is the latest modified alternative of Instagram which enhances the user experience by providing some unique and additional features like customization, security and privacy, downloading, and many more features. In InstaPro Apk Download all those features are available which are not available on official Instagram and due to these unique features, it is becoming famous all over the world. Due to its multiple language support feature audience from all over the world is attracted to this mod version. The user interface of Insta Pro Mod Apk is very friendly and it provides a convenient and seamless experience to its users. InstaPro facilitates its users with a customization feature and its users can customize the whole interface like background colors, font style, text color, and many more, and can make their account look more attractive.

In Insta Pro Apk 100+ stylish themes are available and its users can use any theme of their own choice. Download Insta Pro Apk provide a lot of privacy features to its users like hiding their online status, typing status, last seen and hide story view, and many more. Users of this mod version of Instagram can control the quality of uploading images and videos and due to this feature quality of uploaded images or videos will not be compressed. When you are using Insta Pro Mod Apk, you can also extend the video story limit up to 60 seconds while in official Instagram it is not possible. Users of Insta Pro Apk Download can disable the irritating ads and they can also modify the default gesture setting like Enable or Disable the Double-tap Like gesture, and many more. The most attractive feature of InstaPro Download is its inbuilt downloader and with the help of this feature, users can download any media like images, reels and videos, and many more. Users of Insta Pro Apk Download can lock the whole application by using its inbuilt lock feature.

Features of Insta Pro Apk


Anti-ban Feature:

The users of Insta Pro Apk don’t have to worry about the security issue of this application. This application is totally safe and secure. Insta Pro has an anti-ban feature and due to this feature user’s account always works smoothly so this application is totally anti-ban.


Free From Ads:

As we all know that ads are really a waste of time. So if you want to get rid of these annoying ads. Then you have to download Insta Pro Apk. With the help of this application, users can get rid of all the irritating ads and can enjoy the stunning experience of this mindblowing application.


Multiple accounts Supported:

In Insta Pro Apk Download there are multiple accounts supported. It means that in Insta Pro Apk we can use more than one account at the same time. We have to log out of one account and then log in to the other account.

New Features


Dazzling User Interface:

The interface of any application is very important because the interface plays half of the role in the popularity of any application. If the interface is perfect then the application gains popularity in a short interval of time. The interface of InstaPro Apk is very osm. All the features are totally visible due to its clean interface.

Customizations UI:

There is very colossal customization available in InstaPro App. In Insta Pro Apk you can change the background color according to your own choice. You can change the font style. There is a large variety of font styles. You can also enjoy background wallpaper according to your own choice.

Customization of App Icon:

There are many users on the internet who use both Instagram and InstaPro Apk. But the icon of both apps is identical. We can change the icon of the InstaPro App because there is a built function for icon changing. There are 9 other icons beside the default icon.

UI Gestures:

In InstaPro APK Download as you all know that there is a facility of UI gestures. You can change this UI gesture feature like changing double tap features. You can easily download media on triple tap. You can also enable or disable the swipe-to-navigate gesture. This is the most stunning feature of InstaPro Apk.

Download Photos:

In regular Instagram, if you want to download photos then you have to use third-party websites. The use of these third-party websites is very risky. So to avoid this risk you have to use Insta Pro Download. In Insta Pro Apk users can easily download any of their favorite photos with just a single click. These photos are saved in the gallery of users.

In-built Browser:

In InstaPro Apk there is a browser available. The users of this application can browse anything they want. If you want to open the link then you can open this link within the InstaPro App.


In InstaPro APK when users upload any image then the quality of the image remains the same and this feature is not available in the original Instagram app. The original Instagram users very well know that when they upload an image on Instagram then it will automatically be compressed but in Insta Pro Apk quality of uploaded images or videos never be compressed. In Insta Pro Apk when you upload an image its quality remains the same and its size remains as original.

Privacy Features:

In Insta Pro Apk there is full security. There are many spy features of this application. You can use these amazing features to enhance your experience. You can now hide your online status. Your other followers will never know when you are online. You can hide typing status in Download Insta Pro App. Also, you can hide the last seen. After hiding the last seen your followers will never know when was the last time you were active.

Preview anyone’s Profile:

Users of InstaPro APK can easily preview anyone’s profile picture. This is the best and most unique feature of this application because it facilitates us with its zooming feature.

Track Your Unfollowers:

Regular Instagram users very well know that if someone unfollows you from Instagram then you will not get any notification but in Insta Pro you can easily track the people who unfollow you. InstaPro Apk will notify the users who unfollow you.

Change Language:

In InstaPro Apk there is a facility where you can change the language according to your preference. This feature is osm because people like to use applications in their native language.

Built In lock Feature:

In regular Instagram applications, we can not lock the application. But in InstaPro Apk there is an in-built locker available. With the help of this locker, you can easily lock your application. Your data will be safe and secure due to this feature of InstaPro Apk Download.

Key features of InstaPro Apk

  • The facility of downloading Photos
  • The facility of downloading videos and reels on Pikashow
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Ads free interface
  • Zoom profile picture of any account
  • Lock your application with a built-in locker
  • Customization Option
  • Inbuilt browser
  • In-built Tracker
  • Anti-ban feature
  • Multiple accounts supported

App Requirements

  1. Your mobile must be android
  2. Android version 5 or above is required.
  3. The size of this application is 55mbs so your phone must have 60 mbs of free space

How to use Insta Pro Apk

  1. When the installation process of InstaPro Apk completes
  2. Open the application
  3. Login to your previous account or can also create a new account on InstaPro Apk by using a working phone number or email.
  4. You can download images videos and reels with just a single click on the top side of the post
  5. In InstaPro Apk Download you can use many privacy features like hiding online status, typing status, and many more
  6. Users of the Download InstaPro App can use this application in any language


Is Insta Pro Mod Apk a safe Application?
Yes, InstaPro Mod Apk is a safe mod of official Instagram.
Do I have to pay some money for using InstaPro Apk?
No, InstaPro Apk is a free-of-cost application and you don’t have to buy any subscription.
Does Insta Pro Apk have an Anti-ban feature?
Yes, InstaPro App has an inbuilt anti-ban feature, and due to this feature users account always works smoothly.
Can we hide my online status while using InstaPro Mod Apk?
Yes, InstaPro Mod Apk facilitates its users with a lot of privacy features and due to these features they can hide their online status.

Final Words

InstaPro Apk is the latest modified alternative to Instagram which enhances the user experience by providing some unique and additional features to its users. The user interface of InstaPro Mod Apk is very friendly and it provides a convenient and seamless experience to its users. InstaPro Apk Download facilitates its users with a customization feature, security and privacy, downloading, and many more features. All the features of the Insta Pro mod Apk are very useful and if you are tired of using official Instagram then once download and use InstaPro App. The downloading link of the InstaPro Apk is given on this page and you can download the InstaPro app from this downloading link.