How to know how Visited My Instagram Profile?

An Instagram account can be a highly personal environment, therefore no one wants unwanted visitors there. In this blog ,we will discuss how to see who is stalking your Instagram account and how to block them.

Can we check who viewed my Instagram profile?

Regretfully, Instagram still lacks a function that would make it simple for you to see who has viewed your profile. The addition of this much-needed functionality, which will make the Instagram app safer and more transparent, is something we hope happens in the future. Currently, users are forced to apply a variety of workarounds in order to identify and remove problematic Instagram Pro stalkers from their profiles.

How to know how Visited My Instagram Profile

Why are Instagram stalkers dangerous?

While Instagram serves as a public platform where users control their sharing levels, excessive tracking of someone’s activity crosses personal boundaries. In severe instances, stalkers might exploit location tags and background details to locate victims in real life.

Moreover, these individuals might use personal information and images to perpetrate identity theft or create fraudulent accounts. Additionally, stalkers may engage in harassing behavior such as obsessive commenting, attempting to contact victims outside of Instagram, or sending malicious links through direct messages.

How can you see who viewed your Instagram profile?

1: Observe your highlights and stories on Instagram

Examining the list of users who frequently view your stories is the easiest and most effective method to find out who has viewed your InstaPro APK profile. Your stalker may be someone you come across on your feed who is not following you or who is acting suspiciously.
The 24-hour time limit is the only restriction on this function; after that, both the tales and their readers vanish. You can ban or remove suspicious users from your stories after you’ve identified the folks who should be avoided. Additionally, you can make a “close friends list” in which you invite only reliable accounts to see your updates.

2: Use Instagram Insights

There is always Instagram Insights, which gives you comprehensive data about your behavior on the platform. The degree of participation and other interactions are visible here. Nevertheless, you can only use this feature if you have an Instagram account for a business or creative.

3: Use third-party apps

There are a ton of third-party apps available that can help you identify your Instagram stalkers. Most of them display who has blocked, liked, or unfollowed you, and some even claim to be able to reveal who has viewed your profile. Now we discuss some of them.


InstaFollow provides insights into who views your profile and stories, answering the perennial question of whether you can see who views your Instagram pictures. With its user friendly interface, this Instagram
Stalker app simplifies the process of generating reports on your Instagram stalkers.


Influxy is a tool designed to monitor changes in your social media following and followers list. With this app, you can track actions like being blocked, unblocked, or unsubscribed from on various social media platforms. Additionally, it allows you to see if someone has unfollowed you or changed their name or username. In terms of profile views, Influxy enables users to identify who has viewed their InstaPro Download profile and stories, even if they haven’t interacted with the content.

how Visited My Instagram Profile

FollowMeter for Instagram

It is a comprehensive tool for monitoring your Instagram followers and unfollowers, essentially functioning as an Instagram manager. With this app, users can efficiently manage their followers and gain valuable insights into their Instagram accounts. Identify individuals who have secretly viewed your Instagram profile. Track users who like your posts. Utilize the Discover section to attract more followers.


InStalker is an Instagram analytics application offering users comprehensive insights into their Instagram profiles, including information about followers, admirers, and profile visitors. With the heil of this app, identify who has visited your Instagram Pro profile and discover your anonymous admirers.

How to block Instagram Stalkers?

  • Go to the Instagram stalker’s profile before blocking them. Then, press the three dots located in the upper-right corner.
  • Next, pick “Block” from the drop-down selection. To confirm, touch “Block” one more time.
  • To further prevent unwanted observers, make sure your account privacy settings are set to “Private”.
  • Review your list of followers on a regular basis, and ban or delete any accounts that seem suspicious or unwelcome. Remain alert and notify Instagram of any intimidating or harassing activity.


Q1: Can we see who viewed my Instagram profile?

Yes, we can see who viewed your Instagram profile using third-party apps.

Q2: How can we make my Instagram account private?

We can make the Instagram account private by going to settings and then privacy, and toggling on Private Account.


In conclusion, we can say that a number of third party apps and websites purport to provide the ability to view who has viewed your profile, even though Instagram does not have this capability built in. These solutions can be against Instagram’s terms of service and carry a large risk to privacy and security. In the end, using InstaPro safely and profitably requires concentrating on developing real relationships and interacting with relevant content.

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