How to Recover and Download Deleted Instagram Live Stream?

Social media site like Instagram which enable us to interact, share, and connect with people in real time, have become essential components of our lives in the digital age. The instagram live popular feature is the ability for users to broadcast live videos to their followers .But what would happen if the accidentally deleted a video you meant to save from Instagram Live?.Is it possible to get it back? We will look at how to retrieve deleted Instagram Live recordings in detail in this post.

Understanding Instagram Live’s Importance

With Instagram Pro Live, users may instantly broadcast live video content to their followers. It provides an interactive forum for interacting with viewers, exchanging stories, and genuinely endorsing products or content.

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Live Stream

Significance of Eliminated Instagram Live Broadcasts

It can be upsetting to have an Instagram Live session deleted, particularly if it has worthwhile content or personal moments you want to save. Thankfully, Instagram has resources to help restore lost Live videos.

Guide to Recover deleted Instagram Live Stream

1: Take Quick Action

Moving quickly is the first and most important step in getting your deleted Instagram Live back. Instagram lets you recover deleted
content only for a certain amount of time. With time, the chance of a full recovery drops. So, don’t wait around and proceed to the following step as soon as you discover your Live video has been removed.

2: Check the recently deleted folder

The “Recently Deleted” category is a useful feature that Instagram added; it acts as a safety net for your deleted content. Open your Instagram profile, select “Settings” from the three-line menu, and you will be able to access this folder. Proceed there, select “Account,” then “Recently Deleted.” Your deleted InstaPro Live video and other recently erased posts are located here. You may get the video back one step at a time by tapping on it and selecting “Restore.”

3: Utilize the Instagram Data Download

Don’t give up just yet if your Instagram Live video is not in the “Recently Deleted” area. Users of Instagram can download all of their data, including stories and posts. To accomplish this, navigate to your Instagram profile’s “Settings,” select “Security,” and then select “Download Data.” Instagram will provide you with a download link for your data if you just provide your email address. Download the files and look for your erased Live video as soon as you receive the link.

4: Consult Instagram Support for Help

If you have followed the above instructions and are still unable to retrieve your Instagram Live, it’s time to contact Instagram support. Give a thorough explanation of the issue and include any pertinent details about the removed video. Instagram’s support staff can be slow to reply, but they have resources to help you get your content back.

5: Check Your Local Backups

Your phone might occasionally automatically backup data, including InstaPro APK Live videos. Look for any copies of the lost video on your device’s local storage or through cloud backup services.

How to Recover and Download Deleted Instagram Live Stream

6: Use Third-Party Recovery Resources

If everything else fails, you might be able to recover your lost Instagram Live video with the aid of third-party recovery software. Use cautious as Instagram Pro has not officially endorsed these tools. Using data recovery software made specifically for mobile devices is one well-liked choice. Do a lot of research, read reviews, and be aware of any potential concerns before using the device.

7: Stop Further Errors

To prevent such mishaps in the future, preventative measures must to be implemented:

  • Make sure you check again before removing any content.
  • Make regular backups of your Instagram Live recordings to an external drive.
  • If you want to store your Live videos automatically, think about using third-party programs.


1: Is it possible to recover Instagram Lives, deleted over a month ago?

Unfortunately, Instagram’s Recently Deleted folder holds content for only 30 days. Beyond that, retrieval becomes challenging. Therefore, act promptly to recover deleted Lives.

2: Can Instagram support guarantee the recovery of deleted Live videos?

While Instagram support will do its best to assist, it may not guarantee successful recovery in all cases. However, it’s worth reaching out to explore all possibilities.


In conclusion, it is possible to restore a deleted Instagram Live video, but it will take serious thought and investigation of your choices. You can improve your chances of successfully obtaining deleted content by looking through your archive, using third-party programs, getting in touch with Instagram Support, and taking note of what went wrong as you go. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that Instagram cannot guarantee that deleted material can be recovered, so when using social media sites, be cautious and take precautions.

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