Why Instagram Pro is better option than Instagram App?

Instagram Pro is an improved app that offers more features and advantages than the original. Users benefit from quicker loading times, fewer crashes, longer battery life, and sophisticated editing tools. Instagram Pro is unique for its user-centric design, offering an ad-free experience, enhanced privacy and security features, and a customisable interface. The software makes Instagram more efficient and tailored, which makes it a desirable option for users looking for a better, more streamlined social networking site.

Benefits of using Instagram Pro

1: Extended Battery Life

The longer battery life of Instagram Pro over the original app is one of the biggest benefits. For people who depend on their phones all day, this might be annoying. You may share content and communicate with your followers using Instagram Pro without having to keep charging your phone.

Why Instagram Pro

2: Reduced glitches and crashes

The frequent crashes and bugs in the official Instagram app are among the most annoying aspects about using it. But, Instagram Pro will significantly reduce the number of problems and malfunctions you encounter. It is therefore worthwhile to give Instagram Pro a try if you’re sick of putting up with frequent crashes and malfunctions on the platform.

3: Quicker Loading Speeds

Instagram Pro’s faster loading times transform the user experience by allowing for fluid content browsing with little to no lag. Quick loading times for photos, videos, and narratives improve productivity by enabling users to quickly contribute content, browse feeds with ease, and interact with viewers without any hiccups. This makes Instagram Pro a better option.

Comparison with the Official app

1: Advanced Tools for Editing

Advanced editing features not found in the regular app but are accessible in Instagram Pro. Users can alter the brightness, contrast, saturation, and temperature of their images and movies for greater control. Users can also add text and stickers, as well as filters and effects, to their content.

2: Customization Choices

The degree of customisation offered by Instagram Pro over the standard app is one of the main benefits. Users can alter the theme, typography, and even the color of the app symbol using Instagram Pro. The degree of customization improves the user experience by enabling users to make the app feel more unique profile photographs, and even turn off advertisements.

3: Security and Privacy

Instagram Pro takes seriously the two main concerns that users of social media have: privacy and security. Users can adjust their security and privacy settings with the app’s many features. Users have the option to limit who can view their tales, disable read receipts, and hide their online status. Instagram Pro comes with an integrated ad blocker that keeps outside advertisements from showing up on the app. This lowers the chance of malware and phishing attempts while also improving user experience.

4: No Advertisements

The lack of advertisements on Instagram Pro is one of its main benefits over the original app. Instagram Pro offers an ad-free experience, yet the official app constantly bombards users with sponsored posts and advertisements. This implies that there won’t be any disruptions or distractions when people enjoy reading through their feeds.

5: Interface User Friendly Navigation

Instagram Pro easier navigation is one of the main advantages over the standard app. The interface of Instagram Pro is made to make it simpler for users to find. It is easy for users to navigate between tabs, including Notifications, Home, Explore, and Profile. Another fantastic feature of the program is that it lets users modify the navigation bar to fit their preferences.

6: Improved Arranging

The superior organization of Instagram Pro over the official app is one of the main benefits. It has simpler to use Instagram Pro because of its more intuitive and user friendly interface. Moreover, Instagram Pro lets users personalize the feeds by muting stories and hiding posts from specific users.

Instagram Pro app

7: Better Understanding Design

The more user friendly appearance of Instagram Pro is one of the main advantages over the original app. The layout of instgram pro is more orderly and tidy, which makes it simpler to use and locate what you’re looking for. More customization choices are provided by the app, enabling to alter the font size and color scheme .

How to install the instagram pro?

Instagram Pro Installation Guide

  • Download APK file from reliable source.
  • Enable “Install from Unknown Sources” in device settings.
  • Open APK and follow installation instructions.
  • Log in with Instagram credentials.


Q1:Is Instagram Pro safe to use?

Yes, Instagram Pro is safe.

Q2:How does Instagram Pro differ from the official app?

Instagram Pro offers advanced features, faster loading times, improved stability, and customization options not available in the official app.


In conclusion we can say that Instagram Pro serves a specific market looking for a more specialized and improved social media experience. It offers configurable interfaces, cutting-edge security measures, ad-free experiences, and improved media quality. Even though the official Instagram app is still quite popular, the emergence of substitutes like Instagram Pro indicates that users are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to personalization, privacy management, and an all-around more sophisticated social networking experience.

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